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Nokia N900 PwnPhone

The packed firmware for the need of hacking.
● Comes with a wide variety of pen-testing tools installed with quick access shortcuts ● Supports wireless monitor mode and injection for WEP cracking ● Supports promiscuous mode for sniffing other traffic passively ● Man in the middle capabilities for intercepting network traffic
Tools Installed:
● Metasploit, Fasttrack, SET, Scapy, Nikto, SSLstrip, iodine ● Kismet, Aircrack-NG, Wifite, Wifizoo, GrimWEPa, Wepbuster ● Nmap, netcat, tcpdump, wireshark, tshark, Ettercap-NG, exploitDB, macchanger ● presencevnc client, x11vnc server, conky, tor, rdesktop, openvpn, netmon, iptables.
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 Pwn Phone Community Edition : Installation Steps

 Revised: 03.17.2012

Legal Stuff

The Pwn Plug and Pwn Phone Community Edition software images are provided free of charge under the GNU Public License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html). By using this software you accept all responsibility for its use. 

As with any software application, downloads/transfers of this software is subject to export controls under the U.S. Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”). By using this software you certify your complete understanding of and compliance with these regulations.

All Pwnie Express / Rapid Focus Security products are for legally authorized uses only.

What you will need

1. An unlocked Nokia N900 phone
2. A microSD card (8GB or larger recommended)
3. The Pwn Phone Community Edition image (http://pwnieexpress.com/downloads.html)

Installation Steps


The MyDocs partition will not be overwriten, but Pwnie Express is not responsible for any data loss so if you want anything of yours on the phone previous to the image install, back your stuff up! This image will overwrite your rootfs and optfs, leaving MyDocs partition intact. That doesn't mean something can't go wrong by accident.


We recommend doing a fresh flash of the latest Maemo5 image provided by Nokia, or you can  install the image on top of your existing installation and risk possibly bricking or messing up your device.  You can usually get it back with a fresh re-imaging from the standard maemo 5 image.

The Maemo wiki provides an excellent easy to follow step by step instruction on how to flash your device to the latest Maemo image.

Instructions on how to flash the N900 and where to download the flasher utility with the latest Maemo5 image can be found here:



Extract the Pwn Phone image tarball to a micro SD card, make sure the folder "pwnimage" and "systemBackups" are placed in the root directory of the microSD card or the install script will not work.

	tar -zxvf pwnphone_*.tar.gz
	(or just use winrar if in Windows)

	1. Insert microsd card with files into your N900.

	2. Use the filemanager, browse to microsd card (filemanager is located in programs menu accessed by tapping upper left hand corner of the screen)

	3. Scroll down until you see rootsh_1.8_all and tap it, this will bring up application manager, tap 'I accept' and 'continue' (sometimes you may have to wait a little while for it to come up in the app manager)

	4. Once rootsh is installed EXIT Application Manager and File Manager

	5. Tap upper left hand corner until apps are shown, scroll down and tap Xterminal, then enter the following commands:

		sudo gainroot

		cd /media/mmc1/pwnimage/

		chmod 777 install.sh

		sh install.sh

Once install.sh is running be prepared to click 'I accept' and 'continue' to install different packages that require interactive authorization to install. This should only happen twice once in the beginning of the script and once at the very end.

The main pwnphone folder will take a while to copy, over an hour, so just let it go and come back or wait patiently, it is working.

When the script is done, it will anounce that it is rebooting shortly after the last GUI install interaction. When it reboots, it is CRUCIAL that the keyboard is slid out to trigger the backup menu utility for restoring the pwnphone image. When the backup menu utility starts, hit any key twice, and you will be in the backup menu - once there hit the keys below in the following order:


Now wait until the utility says:

Restore completed, press any key to continue
	hit q

Close keyboard when rebooting or you will end up back in the backupmenu.

That's it! You will know if it all worked when it starts booting, startup may look a little different then normal ;)

Known Issues
If you enable the extras-devel repository in the app manager do NOT update the kernel power flasher or you will loose injection capabilities!


The Pwn Phone user's manual is maintained here:

Pwnie Express Community Edition software is supported by the Community Support Forum:


We're still working on getting the open source repository setup for the public so people can add to this image and help make it better, it is definitely not perfect and needs work, it's also our first attempt at doing this really. We decided to release this image for free because we wanted people who had N900's to have this, and we couldn't have put this together if it wasn't for the AWESOME Maemo community that figured out and ported so many apps. I would like to personally thank everyone in the Maemo community who has made this possible for us, and especially David (LXP on Maemo) for providing the bleeding edge wifi drivers to the public to make packet injection possible! I would also like to throw out a thank you to HD Moore for his inspiration and instantaneous post how to get metasploit working on the N900!

And please, if you have suggestions, find bugs, fix bugs, have good ideas, contact me!

awk [ at ] pwnieexpress [ dot ] com

Pwn the Pl@n3t!


Nitdroid n15 beta 2

I’ve patched the ics build for n900 with vakkow’s fix for obtaining rather usable acceleration in menus.The procedure for this build is complicated , i will post the links and  i’ll will write a complete tutorial in the future due to interest exposed , the links are for the experimented users , THIS CAN PRODUCE FILE CORRUPTION AND REQUIRE FLASHING OF FIRMWARE.


Old video

Nokia n900 Flashing tools

Due to the recent changes in the location of the files I’ve decided to make this post for future use of the flashing tools by the owners of the n900 , you need those files in case that you brick your firmware .


Download latest flasher from:
Current latest version for Windows (maemo_flasher.exe)
FIASCO Image & 8GB EMMC Image:
FIASCO: firmware-V.21.2011.38.1.bin

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